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Interceding in tongues


In 1961, in France, State of São Paulo, the sister Ligia de Souza, Londrina, proved the power of intercession that is in praying in tongues in a way, which would never forget. At the time I reported the experience, said he witnessed for over thirty years, although the value is the intercession in tongues today.

It was during a campaign held in the church, he received the presence of an evangelist out, it happened. Ligia arrived before the service and was making strong push to go down to the basement where they used to meet to pray and intercede. As soon as he did, began to weep and groan in travail, speaking in tongues all the time; did not understand what was happening, but I knew I was interceding for someone.

In the midst of prayer, God showed him the leader of youth and she understood that prayed for him, but still without knowing why. Prayed in tongues until you feel relief that the intercession of weight, that when it came, brought with it a manifestation of joy. When he came to church, worship had finished! Been so engrossed in prayer that never saw the passing time. Asked her husband, about the boy and knew he had not been in the service.

If the story ended here, it might be similar to many times you and I had already interceding in tongues without knowing why, and not just regarding them both for not seeing the results; but the Lord allowed the sister Ligia knew what happened, and this should encourage us all to obey the prayer impulses that the Holy Spirit brings.

The next day, at noon, knocked on the door of the couple's home and the Samuel pastor, husband of Ligia, was meet. Opening the door, he came across one youth leader with a can of ant killer in hand. Revealed that at the time of service he would have killed himself because could not stand the thought family problems and in great despair.

But the moment that would ingest the poison, heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying he was not alone; that right now someone was interceding for him and that God would help him get out of that situation. It took courage, gave up suicide and saw God bring you victory.

Besides being saved in life without losing your salvation, this guy is now a pastor. That the devil tried to destroy, make up the ranks of the army of the Lord ... because someone interceded in tongues, not understanding what was happening!

Hallelujah! The Word of God declares the Spirit intercedes for us; is part of his ministry in our lives, so that the Scriptures refer to as "The Spirit of supplication" (Zc.12: 10). There is no separate it from the subject of the sentence:
"Likewise the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with sighs too deep And he who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit. He according to the will of God intercedes for the saints "Romans 8: 26,27.

We talked about various types of prayer: thanksgiving, pray God's plan, and pray against the weakness of the flesh. But this is another kind of prayer; is a position in favor of others, not ourselves.
Intercede in tongues is something we can do intentionally. When I want to pray for particular subject or person without knowing how to do it, I ask the Lord to guide me in prayer for that specific subject, then pray in tongues for what believing that the Holy Spirit is helping me to pray.

However, there are times when even planned to pray and the Spirit drives me to do it. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit can move us to pray in emergency situations and in great need. And unpublished things may have their place if we surrender to the Lord.


Harold McLaryea, senior pastor of our church, received a vision from God that revolutionized his life of prayer, especially intercession. This happened while living in Ghana, Africa, before coming to Brazil. The experience is in harmony with biblical teaching and serves us as an example.

He reported thus: "One of the biggest revelations of God for my life happened when he was a teenager I was part of a youth ministry on the rise in my country and had experienced many miracles of God - transformations of life, healing, and deliverance.. We were preparing for something far greater in God's work when it occurred to me this remarkable experience.

One afternoon in my room, I was praying and seeking the Lord on behalf of the ministry, when suddenly, the room was filled with the sublime presence of the Lord Jesus and I was literally thrown on the floor, about ten feet from where I was. This was the first time I fell in God's presence, and was in an unexpected way.
To fall to the ground, I was led by the Holy Spirit in a vision to a castle, a huge fortress, as of old. This fortress was a lot of people stuck in various rooms and rooms.

People were sad and distressed and seemed as in the times of slavery when many blacks were abused and chained, suffering all kinds of pain as they waited in forts on the beaches ships that would take them away from their land.

I saw a lot of people, of various colors and social class, chained and imprisoned behind the doors in this great fortress and I could see the anguish and sadness in their eyes. Suddenly, I found myself with brothers of ministry in the main gate of the entrance of the fortress, and I was with a small key in my hand. I soon understood that we were there to liberate all the oppressed people, but it seemed to us an impossible task, since we had only a small key in the hands and the gates and chains that bound people were many, and of all types of locks imaginable.

Then the Lord spoke to us telling us to use the same key to free the people, and to my surprise, the doors and all the chains and locks opened up when pulled and've turned the key. The people who were arrested was released, and then the vision ended.

I got up from the floor, and sat down on the bed thoughtful about what had happened and was still scared, when God began to speak to me within me, in my mind. God told me that we were on the threshold of a tremendous disruption in our ministry where we would see many liberated lives and transformed to his kingdom, and the means to bring it to reality was already in our hands.

I asked what means was this, and the Lord answered me that this was the key means that He had shown me in vision; and added that this key was what we call a pass key. The ancients were wont to have a saved key that opened all the doors of the house in times of emergency. This key was called master key because with it opened any door, regardless of the type of lock.

God then told me that there are several keys in the kingdom for any kind of purpose, and we had already learned to deal with some of these keys with great success; but there was a special key that He gave His Church, which is able to open all doors before us and bring results than ever before imagined.
God told me that few Christians have used this key, and further, that most do not even know this key, let alone how to use it. The key is prayer in the Spirit. If we take the master key that God has given to his Church and learn to use it, we will have powerful results! "

I believe that prayer in the Spirit is the key that opens all doors, it is the will of God. And the very Word teaches us that when we pray according to the will of God we have guaranteed response:
"And this is the confidence we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us, and if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have reached the things we have asked" . I John 5: 14,15.

Praying in tongues, is sure to have God's answer!

Book: The Language of Prayer Supernatural

Pr. Luciano Subirá

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