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Prayer in Tongues: Healing Sexual Abuse victims.

Prayer in Tongues: Healing Sexual Abuse victims.

Praying in tongues is a gift of the building, which is often little used, and little compreendido.A praying in tongues leads you to live the perfect plan of God.
"As we pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit prays through our spirit to the needs of our lives that still do not even have conhecimento.Deus know what is hidden in the depths of our being and he, through the Holy Spirit, pray for us. " (Pr.Dave Roberson - Book "The Walk of the Spirit walk in Power").

Often are hidden within us many emotional garbage. Praying in tongues heal our self-image and frees us from limiting beliefs. Praying in tongues produces a true inner healing and is a profound helps in curing sexual abuse.
Today unfortunately there are many victims of sexual abuse, of all ages, men, women and children. Pedophilia has acted in all social classes; unfortunately we live in a time when childhood sexual abuse is becoming epidemic.

Often these abuses, these acts of violence happen at home, example: father, stepfather, uncle and etc.Existem people who have profound consequences because of the abuses sexuais.Todo violence leaves marks and the worst is sexual violence.

Victims of violence have various feelings and conflicts: rejection, autorrejeição, depression, guilt, fear, sorrow, anger and ódio.A praying in tongues helps in inner healing of those who have suffered sexual abuse.
A testimony of a sister: "practicing praying in tongues I found myself with a change in attitude, eg forgiving those who defied me."

Those who have been victims need to release forgiveness to those who hurt. Praying in tongues will cleaning the person from the inside out, will releasing trauma, grief, pain, and hatred.

Praying in tongues will restoring interior.Você image can be free now of all dor.Eu declare, is free in Jesus' name.
Start practicing praying in tongues and healing will happen deep inside.

God Loves You
Jesus Loves You
The Holy Spirit Loves You

Get this Love now !!

Pastor Ariston Junior

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